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MEET TENNILLE  Hello, My name's Tennille, and I'm a cutie-pie princess. I enjoy sleeping 'til noon, taking oatmeal baths at Skycrest, and pretending I'm hungry and then walking away from the plate. I also enjoy greeting our home's many visitors, regardless of their intentions. Best of all, I like getting people to do whatever I want, because I'm adorable 24/7. WOOF! Hi! I'm Clarence, a rascally Cockapoo. I'm nearly ten years old and live with my most wonderful unfurry family in Buffalo Grove. After touring as a bassist for Gnarls Barkley more than 7 years ago, I've settled into my suburban blessed life and I enjoy gardening, golfing, scrapbooking and reading anything by F. Scottie Fitzgerald. I've been fortunate enough to squat below the Great Pyramids in Egypt and tinkle in Niagra Falls. I've trotted the red carpet in Hollywood (while escorting a stunning Kim Kardashian on one paw) and spied on the Kremlin in Russia. I've loved some beautiful Labs and Maltis in my life, but none as dear as a one-eyed, three legged tri-colored Shelti from Vegas who stole my heart then left me lonely and penniless a year later. But I've moved on and often find myself painting portraits of my long lost love which my family kindly hang on my bedroom walls. I can whip up a crazy wild Fijian albacore sashimi with pea tendril salad in no time or build a kayak from scratch. Most days, though, I just enjoy stock trading and writing Haikus.   Here's one of my favorites: •	Soft paws walk slowly •	The Cockapoo waits for her •	Tail wags, a leap, drool  This summer I'll be headlining a comedy special on DogTV called "Sit! Stand! Heal!" featuring special guest Snoop Dog. I've also just been selected as the new bachelor on "The Bachelor-Dog Edition" and look forward to finally meeting my soulmate. In my free time, I love to lick my paws until they're raw and scratch myself until tufts of fur cover the floors. I want to thank the remarkable staff at Skycrest Animal Clinic, especially dear, sweet, patient, Dr. Locke for taking the best care of me. I'm forever grateful and humbled by this honor. I'll be spending April in Paris this year so forward any autograph requests or gifts to my mom and she'll make sure I get them! Hi! My name is Wrigley. I am a very laid back dog. I spend most of my dog days in a very comfortable bed. When I am not in bed I am on the couch watching the Cubs. I am hoping that this is their year! My mom is a fan too, that is how I got my name.  Life is good and my mom and the doctors and staff at Skycrest take very good care of me! I have gotten to know Dr. Hendrix very well since my bladder stone surgery.  When my mom sings, “Take me out to the ball game,” I sing (ok, I howl) right along with her and wag my tail! Go Cubs Go!


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I would like to introduce the newest member of our family.  Meet “Poppy”, our service dog in training. We are volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence ( This organization is based out of Santa Rosa, California and has been providing service dogs to the disabled, such as someone who is wheelchair bound, has cerebral palsy, or possibly a wounded vet. CCI, a non for profit organization, has been around since the mid-seventies. We received Poppy at 8 weeks and will be raising her for about 18 months. During this time we will provide love, socialization, good puppy manners, and teach her about 30 commands. Currently she knows the commands of sit, down, stay, drop, kennel, let's go, no, off, water, here, and of course, “Poppy”. She is very active, sparkling with personality, and quite intelligent, which many of our friends at Skycrest have seen first hand.  Poppy is enrolled in puppy Kindergarten and will continue training for the entire time she is with us. At the end of our time with her she will enter advanced training for 6-9 months at the CCI regional center in Ohio. There she will learn about being a service dog. Opening doors and refrigerators, picking up keys and cell phones are just a few of the commands she will learn as she makes her way to graduation at about 2 years old. At graduation she will be united with her person. Poppy VI, her official name, is all puppy. I had forgotten the energy a puppy exudes, not to mention the constant chewing! She's either going 90mph or conked out sleeping. She is one happy girl!  We started with allowing her access to the family room and kitchen, a fairly large area. Then this bundle of energy was limited to just the kitchen. LOL!  Sometimes even that seemed too big! Now we are expanding her horizons. Everyone asks how we will ever give her up after 16-18 months. You only have to see the comfort and help these dogs provide to someone who is confined to a wheel chair, or to a child with cerebral palsy, to understand the important role they play. In many cases a dog like Poppy is the disabled person's link to the rest of the world, an intermediary. How can we not give her up? I have no doubt that there will be tears when she enters advanced training, but our joy will come from knowing that Poppy will help a person in need, and that we will have been part of this journey.
MEET FAITH It was going to be 100 degrees the day I found Faith.  Driving down the highway, I slammed on my brakes because the truck and car in front of me slammed on their brakes.  I had to go off the road into the gravel to not hit the car in front of me.  The big truck was sitting there.  I beeped.  Then a little animal crawled from under the wheels of the truck and hobbled to the gravel.  All the cars drove past this dog barely alive lying in the dirt.  I jumped out of my car and the dog almost ran away but stopped.  I picked her up and she licked my face so sweetly.  She didn’t have a collar on or any identification.  She did not look like she would make it – I took her home and gave her food and water.  She was so happy and slept in our air- conditioned home on a soft blanket.  Searching for her owner was futile.  Skycrest was the answered prayer.  She received top medical care, and today she is happy and healthy.  Her name is Faith!  The Grace of God saved her!  Our sweet dog Luke is our 11-year-old silky terrier that loves her like a sister. He has been taken care of by Skycrest since he was a baby.  We thank God for Faith.  All of our kids love Faith.  She is so happy to be a part of our family.  She is happy and kisses all of us all the time.  She is warm and friendly.  We love her!  Thank you to the staff at Skycrest for all of your excellent and loving care of Faith and Luke.
Hello! My name is Oscar the cat. I have a brother named Felix. Some people laugh when they hear our names, like we are on a famous TV show or something. I only watch animal planet, so I don’t think I know what they are talking about! We were rescued from an organization called Animal Education and Rescue (AEAR). My previous home was not very nice to us and I was sick when I lived there. Luckily, Liz and (her husband) took us in as fosters and took good care of us. They kept taking us to something called “Adoption Events”, but they loved us so much we have stayed with them permanently. My parents call themselves, “Foster Failures”, but I don’t think they fail at anything. We love living with them!  Our parents say we are like “cat-dogs”, which I don’t 100% appreciate, but I hear that it is a good thing. We even learned to walk on leashes! I guess it is a good thing that we walk on leashes because it is a big hit at the nursing home I visit. Oh yeah, I am a therapy pet and visit people at nursing homes. Sandy Wisniewski, the director of AEAR, knew how sweet I was, and she recommended that my mom to take me there on visits. We visit the Libertyville Manor nursing home once a month as a therapy pet. I hear it is a pretty big deal and quite an honor. I think that I am one of the few cats who visit. I love visiting with everyone!  For more information on Pet Therapy, the Youth Club and other programs, please visit
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